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Summer Time Riding is Here

Summer time is here. It's time to get your beach cruisers ready for the ride on the boardwalk. Check out our cruiser accessories to outfit your bikes!

Fun Bells

Bells are much better than yelling "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Plus they look sweet on any cruiser too.

Tune-Up Time

A Tune-up will help get your bike working like new again. Your derailleurs, brakes, and even your wheels might need an adjustment

Light Up Your Ride  

While it might be getting darker earlier, 

that doesn't mean you have to end your ride. 

Add some lights to your bike and extend your ride!

Check out our selection of lights

Come Ride With Us!  

We love riding with the community. Join our Strava club to keep up to date with upcoming rides around the Moreno Valley area. Most rides are beginner to intermediate and are no-drop.

Bike Service & Repair

We offer a wide range of bicycle repairs and services including flat repair, drivetrain cleaning, brake bleeding, and so much more!

Shop The Latest Bikes

Life is more fun on two wheels anyways.

$249.99 - $389.99
$299.99 - $429.99
$349.99 - $399.99
$299.99 - $339.00
$309.99 - $339.99
$2,599.00 - $2,699.99

Shop GPS Computers

Getting lost is fun until it’s not. Find your way home with a GPS.

Shop Pumps & Tire Repair Kits

Terrain varies between trails - be prepared for whatever comes your way. Tubeless tires are a great way to prevent flats.